Kalle Törmä

Kalle Torma
Founder and CEO

Kalle Törmä is the chief executive officer and founder of Flowhaven and a leader in the effort to expand the licensing industry in the Nordics. Kalle began working in licensing as a trainee at Rovio Entertainment at the age of 22. He quickly grew within the company and was instrumental in licensing sales, brand management and improving the overall operations and systems of the licensing business.

In 2016, Kalle founded Flowhaven, a software company specializing in end-to-end solutions for licensing professionals. At Flowhaven, Kalle has worked to create software, events and other solutions for the brand licensing communities in Northern Europe and around the globe. He has also helped to support and modernize the industry through Flowhaven, which helps brands optimize their brand equities and streamline their workflows to scale their business globally. The company has built an impressive client roster – which includes Rovio, Bonnier, Finlayson and Timbuktu Labs, among others – and has grown its team to 20+ employees with offices in Helsinki and Los Angeles.

In his free time, Kalle enjoys the great outdoors and attending events related to the licensing industry.